Is Android Less Secure Then iOS? Really? The Truth Lies Elsewhere?



This is a very controversy discussion, and even if i am a linuxgeek since the 90’s, i want to clear something out. In the next few lines i will try to explain from my point of view why Android “seems” less secure then iOS.

The more users fancy an operating system, the bigger chances for being exploited by coders (hackers) are. Take Windows in the early 1990’s and Linux based distributions after that, for example, we can’t say the same about Apple’s operating system. On mobile scene Symbian was the power OS for quite some time until Apple outrun it for a few years, until Android came along.

Android is a linux based operating system ment for mobile devices, being an open source project it enjoys more and more users while iOS source codes are not becoming less and less popular with each day passing.

How many of you, knows more about the Apple then any Linux distribution?? I bet the majority interacted with a linux based distribution in the past specially because it was free and versatile, while how many of you got intrigued to check the insides of Apples operating system.

All Linux needed was a user-friendly desktop launcher to become famous, thats what Android developers did with this operating system, made it more friendly and since linux is by far a more frequently used distribution it was a matter of time until Android overthrone iOS. This is the main reason why malicious coders (so called hackers) tries to exploit more the Android OS then iOS. This rule applies in any other domains on a daily basis, like music business, movies, sports, politics etc. This is just my point of view, i would like to see some other points of view, so feel free to comment and debate regarding this topic.