What Is Your Top 5 Most Used Apps/Games On Your Phone Right Now


The weekend is coming and tomorrow a friend of mine is getting married with the girl of his dreams, but on Sunday i finally get to chill out to recharge my batteries and i hope you guys use this weekend to get some rest and relaxation.

Anyways lets get back to what i was thinking about when i wrote this article, i would like to know which are your top 5 most used applications or games or whatever (widgets) on your Android device.

My top five most used applications on my smartphone are these (in no particulary order):

1. WiFi Manager

2. QuickSettings

3. WidgetLocker Lockscreen

4. Elixir

5. Fancy Widget

uhmm i think top five is not enough for me cause i have to add more to it like Dolphin Browser, Facebook etc. So anyways i just want to see what are the most common used apps/games or your device.