How To Tweak Your Phone To Get A Fast Android System


It is quite obvious that everybody wants the fastest & quickest responsive phone, unfortunately after installing lots of apps, android starts to lag.

Here are some tweaks to make it faster and much  more responsive (**you need to have your android rooted):

1.convert your /system & /data partition to ext4 file system and /cache partition to ext2 file system.

2. not using froyo’s app2sd, install apps in ext partitions.

3.using Automatic Memory Manager. (free on Market)

3.applying JIT (Just In Time).

4.applying FuguTweaks.

5.applying Kifno’s Android Universal Scripts.

6.using RamHack & zipaligned script.

7.overclocking your CPU.

I have all this enabled in my android & I dont ever feel any lag with 114 apps installed. :)