PocketDroid Review – Toshiba Thrive


Toshiba looks to dive in to the tablet market with the Thrive, and it looks like its going to make a huge splash. Toshiba Thrive is an excellent tablet at a suitable price.  You’ll be able to pre-order the Thrive starting on June 13. Toshiba Thrive looks very attractive in its slim and attractive design and a 10.1 inches Screen Display.

Thrive has a very unique and a strong build that we haven’t seen in the tablet market yet. You can actually take the back cover off of this android tablet. This means you can access the battery of the Thrive, which is a very nice option to have. This allows you to replace to battery if you want a battery that has a longer battery life.

 Toshiba has also manufactured different colors for the back covering. There is 6 different colors that are going to be available upon release of the Toshiba Thrive and this also justifies the statement “Style with Performance” .

The thrive is also quite big measuring upto 272 mm in length , 175mm in width and 15mm in depth but weighing about 771 gm which can get a little bulk at times..

Thrive has a 10.1 inch IPS LCD Capacitive Touch Screen display with 16 million colours , which imperessive . The pixel density on the Toshiba Thrive is 1280×800 but this is average for a higher end tablet, but still leaves us with nothing to complain about .  The brightness levels and viewing angles are of high quality to keep up with the remarkable resolution on the Toshiba Thrive.

Thrive features a 5MP camera with auto focus on the rear side of the table having a mind blowing resolution of 2592×1944 Pixels. The only thing which the camera lacka is a flash. The  camera has various shooting modes and gives you many option for capturing images You can click crystal clear pictures using thrive’s camera and you will hopefully not require to take your digital camera along with you if you have have thrive with you. You will simply keep adoring the clarity of pictures you have taken  for hours.  It also features a 2MP front camera which is indeed fabulous for video conferencing. So camera wise , Thrive is just fantastic but it is hard to ignore the fact that it lacks flash.

Toshiba Thrive has more than enough hardware. It features a  1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 AP20H Dual Core processor. This is the standard processor in higher end tablets these days and allows them to function smoothly. Thrive also allows the operating system to run beautifully. The Thrive also has 1 GB of DDR2 RAM which will help greatly in multitasking. So hardware wise , thrive is not lacking anywhere. There are going to be two different versions of the Thrive, one that has 8 GB of storage capacity, and one has 32 GB of storage capacity. Toshiba is not planning to release the16GB and the 64 GB versions.

Toshiba will come with android OS v3.0 honeycomb upgradable to v3.1 . Thrive is going to be wonderful for the mere fact that it is running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. We here at PocketDroid absolutely love this operating system. It is fully customizable, has excellent applications, and doesn’t cause any lag. It is a OS specially launched for tablets only. Honeycomb features the  advanced gallery3d app and a great video editing software Movie Studio is pre installed .  Android 3.0 combined with the hardware of this tablet should allow for it to be a great tablet to be working on. The web browser also supports flash, allowing for a full web experience..

Toshiba Thrive lets you stay connected with friends through mail, onscreen keyboard and Social networking Websites. It lets you chat and update anytime, anywhere over internet. It lets you view your photos and albums with a tap or also you can play a slide show. More than this you can watch HD Movies, TV shows, music videos, pod casts etc. Toshiba Thrive makes you feel very easy to find videos on internet. It produce an amazing voice quality for songs and you can access millions of songs and a lots of movies and TV Shows etc. It also features two external stereo speakers to give an extremely immersive  audio experience.  It comes featured with a Accelerometer sensor for User Interface auto-rotate and offer Multi-touch input method…

At $429, the base model is $70 cheaper than the iPad 2, but you only get 8GB of storage for the price. For 16GB, the Thrive still costs $20 less than the base iPad 2 at $479, and the 32GB version is similarly cheaper at $579.

FINAL RESULT – Toshiba Thrive can be termed as a great tablet but not the ultimate tablet . And also keeping in mind its suitable price , I think its worth going for it.


written by Himank Yadav