PocketDroid Daily App: Go Sms Pro


Are you looking for a Messaging replacement? A lot of replacements on the Android market, like Handcent, Chomp Sms, but what we want to talk about today is Go Sms Pro.

A new version 3.39 released for Go Sms Pro developed by Go Dev Team, whom designed Go Weather, Go Contacts.



Go Sms Pro v3.39 Features:

1. GO MMS is released for trial, you may send picture/music to your friend through one SMS. Press the paper clip button in conversation UI, you will see GO-MMS tab.
2. Add app2sd support for 2.2 or above phones, but if GO SMS is installed to SD, the widget will be invalid. Next release, GO SMS widget will be made as separate APK to avoide such issue.
3. Add detect and notice for low memory in notice box
4. Optimize MMS memory consumption
5. Optimize popup and notification, fix issue of some special messages “in the notification bar, but not in the app”
6. Add support for blank message
7. Add support for third party theme; the guideline to create GO SMS theme will be released soon.
8. Add GO SMS Feature Theme, download and pay to support us, thanks
9. Refine Summer Theme, update some cute icons, add two new bubble style