PocketDroid Review – HTC Merge


There aren’t that many Android devices that offer a physical QWERTY keyboard. The HTC Merge squares up against the Motorola Milestone 2 nicely, leaving other devices to mainly scrap it out for the mid-range dollars.

Even with the Merge taking a position towards the top of the scale, it would be easy to knock it after a glance at the spec sheet.

It has an 800MHz processor rather than the more common 1GHz processor but this is a second generation Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and as such, it is decidedly more efficient than 800MHz models of old – in fact, it will offer better performance than many older chipsets clocked at higher processor speeds. HTC Merge runs Anroid 2.2 and 800 Mhz Qualcomm MSM 7630 processor for trustable performance. Its 2GB built-in storage can be expanded via microSD card slot. There is also 512MB RAM to support the performance. It also a  1400mAh battery to support its durability.

The phone’s design is similar to another Sprint phone, the HTC Evo Shift4G , and the quality is typical of HTC’s other devices: solid, high-quality materials, and a premium feel. On front, you get a 3.8-inch, 800×480-pixel multitouch screen that’s easy to read and bright, though you won’t get the same sharpness or fine detail as some of high-resolution displays showing up on smartphones today.

The slider mechanism on the Merge isn’t the smoothest but the slider feels quite sturdy. The keyboard features good-size rectangular buttons and a decent amount of spacing between them, so most users shouldn’t have a problem with it.

HTC Merge also provides more features for you. You can get 5 megapixel camera that can capture 720p video. Other features are Bluetooth 2.1, 3G, Wi-Fi, compass, G-sensor, proximity sensor, and GPS.

Overall, the HTC Merge looks to be a good device for those on CDMA carriers looking for a world phone.