A Better BADA on its way!!!


A new Bada OS is coming, but until today we haven’t heard a thing about it. But now you can see the first batch of Bada 2.0.1 screenshots coming from a beta OS release running on a Samsung Wave II.
We’ve already seen Bada 2.0 in action, demoed at the MWC 2011 in February but back then it looked just like the Bada 1.0. Obviously Samsung has decided to change the UI concept a bit along the way and Bada users will be getting the 2.0.1 instead.

Besides some new looks, the homescreen UI concept has changed as well – there are only two homecreen panes now. The first one is the widget section (marked with a rectangle), while the second holds your regular shortcuts. The widgets section is scrollable so you still get all the varied content.

The icons have also changed so you can now fit four of them in a row. Samsung just made them smaller and they are more condensed now.

The Bada 2.0.1 OS screenshots are from the S8530 Wave II so the new Bada should be compatible with the olderĀ devices when it becomes available.



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