PocketDroid Preview – Asus Padphone


At Computex,Asus announced a phone with half a tablet and a tablet with half a phone. The Padphone that leaked earlier today is official, although its specs haven’t been finalized yet.

Leaked photos of the Asus Padphone barely entered the rumor mill and it’s already official (this happens a week after the initial teaser). Asus showed only a mockup at Computex as the design for the gadget hasn’t been finalized yet.It’s an Android phone with 4.3” screen that inserts into a 10.1” tablet. Not much is clear about the Padphone, aside from Asus hinting it will run Ice Cream Sandwich, which makes sense since that’s the Android version that is supposed to unify the phone and tablet Android branches.

Anyway, the tablet is just a dock – it displays the phone’s UI on its bigger screen and provides a big battery, speakers and some extra ports. The phone has a microHDMI and microUSB ports that hook up to the tablet to output the screen image and charge the phone and there’s a 5MP camera on the back (with a hole at the back of the tablet dock so that you can still take photos).