Nvidia’s Opening Keynote At Computex – Personal Computing For A New Generation


Computex kicked off today with a keynote held at the event by the vicepresident of Nvidia, Dan Vivoli setting out our vision of the future of personal computing.

“Technology advances aren’t just paving the way for more immersive 3D displays  and more realistic 3D gaming graphics performance.  They’re changing how we think about personal computing. Dan explained how personal computing is moving away the “classic” market where big, beige computer cases lived under your desk. We’re now coming to a “new” PC market, where tablets and smartphones become prominent computing platforms. And they’ll do this with more power than desktops of a decade ago, and at previously unimaginable price points.”

Read about this keynote presented by Dan on Nvidia’s official blog. Also watch a glympse of Nvidia presentation of their latest project codename “Kal-El” .


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