New Malware On The Loose Threathens Android Devices


This is a pretty high alert concerning the increase amount of malware attacks in the last few months.

According to SecurityWeek and NetQin Mobile, a new kind of malware is on the loose and threathens all Android devices. The malware found was embedded in more then 20 apps, circulating via various forums on the Internet which auto-dials phone numbers to incur high user fees. The infected mobile applications include: QQ Doudizhu, Voice SMS, Drag Racing, Trader, Donkey Jump, Jungle Monkey and Gold Miner.

The malware can embedded in legitimate applications and during the installation it will prompt the user to upgrade and if he chooses to upgrade, the malware will disuguise  itself in the Android device as “”.

Upon activation, the malware can activate three malicious services — AdSmsService, BridgeProvider and PhoneService, to communicate with a control server, from which it will download a configuration file to read related information and dial calls or send out SMS messages, incurring fees for users. Meanwhile, the malware also blocks messages from the mobile carrier to prevent users from getting fee consumption updates in time so that all malicious activities are undertaken stealthily without the user’s knowledge or consent. The Malware may also insert messages to the inbox of a mobile device at a designated time.” SecurityWeek.

The anti-virus provider F-Secure also  issued an analysis on this matter, warning of a new version of DroidDream infecting dozens of examples of infected applications have been found from Android Market, uploaded under such developer names as Magic Photo Studio, BeeGoo and Mango Studio. Google has now removed them from the Market.

Not long ago we wrote about a report from Juniper about the alarming increase of malware attacks with more then 400% in less then a year. After the DroidDream this is the second major outbreak of Android malware and as smartphone and tablet markets is growing rapidly, this becomes a major cyber concern in 2011. We could now face a possible botnet targeting Android device. Be very careful what you download and install on your device specially those representing adult content.