Computex 2011 Opens Its Doors Tomorrow


Computex is about to open its doors in less then 24 hours, and promises to bring the latest tablets from Aus, Viewsonic and many more.

What promises to be, one of the most expected events of 2011,  for the mobile world, is the  tablets showdown which was already pre-revealed by today by Asus and Viewsonic preseting their latest “toys”.

Viewsonic will unveil their, first of its kind, sort of “dual” system tablet, equipped with the latest Intel Oak Trail processor called ViewPad 10Pro.

This tablet runs Windows 7 Pro and the second OS, Android 2.2 is virtually installed using Bluestacks software, thiw allowing the user to switch to any operating system without rebooting the device. Which means that is not actualy a dual boot tablet, it basically runs android under a virtual machine in which Froyo 2.2 is pre-installed.

Here are a few specifications that were revealed by the manufacturer: 1.5GHz cpu, 3G, 32GB internal storage, Li-On 3500mAh battery and two cameras, one in front and one at the back of the ViewPad.