PocketDroid Takes On Mobile Security – Firewalls


With an alarming increase of security threats and  the growing need of a end point protection and data security, Android users who have been worried about the recent “leaks” of private data, will be glad to know that they have a solution to the problems.

Google has no real solution (fix) yet, the only remaining option is a good firewall to control where your data is going and what your apps are doing.

We PocketDroid recomend the following free firewalls that we tested so far and we can say for sure that you can take absolute control over you internet connections and apps. The firewalls we recomend are added in a random choosing, there is no ranking/rating from 1 to 5 or backwards:

1. DroidWall – allows user to take control over the WiFi and 3G, applying certain rules to which apps are allowed or not to access these connections.

2. HiSurfing – does the same thing as Droidwall except it has a better interface, it can monitor data traffic, and it has a few more tools added.

3. Lookout Mobile Security – this apps is not really a firewall, but has real time protection against malware and spyware, you can also track your device if you mis-place it or lose it, or worse it gets stolen. The developer says it cosumes battery as if you were taking a 33 seconds phone call  /day. thats how battery life saver is.

4. WhisperMonitor beta – provides a software firewall capable of dynamic egress filtering and real-time connection monitoring, giving you control over where your data is going and what your apps are doing.

5. McAfee WaveSecure – secures your mobile device and personal data in the event of loss or theft by allowing you to locate/track your device, helps prevent device misuse, and remotely locks your device and wipes your data. It enables you to back up and restore your data from the device or via an easy-to-use web portal.

We heard some rumours about Sophos, releasing in the second Q of 2011 a product which will include Sophos Anti-virus, Sophos Client Firewall and Sophos Disk Encryption which protects from threats and provides the disk encryption.