World’s First Largest Capacity 64GB microSD From KingMax


We all have a microSD in our phones, unless the comes with internal storage only and no microsd slot, recently KingMax one of the world leading memory manufacturer, revealed to its consumers, the very first microSD with a storage capacity of 64Gb.

This SDXC card is the ultimate data storage solution that meets the demand of extreme performance required by the new generation high-end gadgets.

KingMax has implemented the 9 Stacked Die technology for this Class 6 micro SDXC card, which reads and writes data at up to 48 Mbps. It complies with the latest SD3.0 and Class 6 specifications but is also compatible with SD Card Association’s SD2.0 specification.  It has a built in Error Correction Code (ECC) which acts through controller to auto detects and reconstructs lost data during transmission to ensure reliable data transfer. In addition, micro SDXC comes with Wear leveling algorithm function which allocates all the information into different areas in the memory card to increase each area’s average usage and helps to maximize product lifetime.

This microSD is not yet available for purchase and KingMax didnt reveal a price for it, yet.

source: KingMax


    • yes i know, well since tablets almost took over desktop pc’s and nearly laptops too. i wouldnt be surprised to see microSD taking over the big, heavy and old harddrives.


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