PocketDroid Review – Asus Eee Pad Transformer


Android tablets have thus far often filled us with a special sort of dread. They’ve tended to achieve a batting average well below what Apple’s iPad series has mustered, and an honest reporting of their various failures has occasionally led to claims of fanboy-ism, money hats and the sipping of elaborate cocktails served around Steve Jobs’s Cupertino hot tub. None of which are remotely true, sadly. Thankfully, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is here to clean the slate.

Asus Transformer is an Android-powered tablet also consisting a full size keyboard dock making typing very easy.When removed from the dock it looks like traditional tablet.Its completely black with bronze metal edges with a glossy finish.The build feels plush and premium but is nowhere near Apple Ipad.

On the right side of the tablet are the 3.5 mm jack,miniHDMI slot and a MicroSD slot.There is a mini USB slot at the bottom side which doubles up as the Charging Point.

Other features include WIFI,Bluetooth,GPS,and Dual Cameras.The version that ASUS have released lacks 3G, but ASUS is expected to launch 3G,WIFI version in a month or two.

As far as the thickness is concerned its fairly slim at 13MM only.It weighs a hefty 680 gm, it’s a little too heavy to hold one-handed for significant periods. But of course that’s what the keyboard’s partly here for – to remedy the need to constantly keep your hands on the tablet to get it in an optimum position.