Twitter Pays $40 Million For TweetDeck


Rumours started back in February, but the deal was never done, today once more we learn that Twitter has acquired Tweetdeck for a price of $40 to $50 million. Tweetdeck one of the leading applications available for organizing the display of tweets and advanced management to the web service and much better  than the native app.

Tweetdeck headquarters are in London, UK, where the company was founded in 2008 by Ian Dodsworth, since then groups of  investors like The Accelerator Group and Betaworks, invested around $4 million.

Although nobody made an official statement yet, representing Twitter, they are well known to either downplay third-party apps or acquire them. For example in the past, Twitter has scooped up a very popular Twitter iPhone app called Tweetie, and partnered with photo add-on TwitPic as it launched its new interface.

source: CNN Money

via: TNW