Petition Against HTC: Fans Asking To Cease Locking Of The Bootloaders


In a controversy decision of HTC’s desire to lock all of its phones bootloader, HTC fans wrote and signed a petition in which they request to cease this locking “madness”.

They feel that this kind of measures, will only produce more negative shockwaves amongst HTC fans, instead of increasing HTC market sales.

“Unlocking the bootloader and disabling the NAND protection will allow users to keep their phones up to date using custom roms such as CM7. Take the htc wildfire for example. In december 2010, HTC released a 2.2 update for the wildfire. However, hidden in this update was a new bootloader which could not (and still can not as of the 9th may 2011) be modified. It is unlikely that HTC will release another update for this phone, meaning that users are going to be stuck on this rom. The reason? So HTC can sell new phones. However what this is doing is putting users off buying HTC’s devices since rival companies have announced that the users can easily unlock the bootloaders on their devices.” This is just a piece of the petition HTC fans wrote.

source: Groubal

picture: MaximumPC



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