Android Malware Increased Over 400% In Less Then A Year


According to Help Net Security and Juniper Global Threat Center (GTC): “Malicious Mobile Threats Report 2011”,  Android malware starting June 2010 until January 2011 increased with more then 400%.

With smartphones gaining more and more ground over PC’s as favorite method of both personal and professional accessing internet, hackers have focused lately on mobile devices


Here are the Key report findings from Juniper which include:

App store anxiety: The single greatest distribution point for mobile malware is application download, yet the vast majority of smartphone users are not employing an antivirus solution on their mobile device to scan for malware.

Wi-Fi worries: Mobile devices are increasingly susceptible to Wi-Fi attacks, including applications that enable an attacker to easily log into victim email and social networking applications.

The text threat: 17 percent of all reported infections were due to SMS trojans that sent SMS messages to premium rate numbers, often at irretrievable cost to the user or enterprise.

Device loss and theft: 1 in 20 Juniper customer devices were lost or stolen, requiring locate, lock or wipe commands to be issued.

Risky teen behavior: 20 percent of all teens admit sending inappropriate or explicit material from a mobile device.

“Droid Distress”: The number of Android malware attacks increased 400 percent since Summer 2010.

via: HelpNetSecurity

source: Juniper Networks Report


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