PocketDroid Game of the Day: Paradise Island


Paradise Island from Cooper Media Corp. is one of the latest games i have come across. I’m playing it for a few days now, and its pretty neat.

Its based on the same idea of SimCity, you have to build your own dream island. while you have to balance your financials with man power to gain experience which will get your through the next levels. And with the new level you open new buildings to build and improve your Paradise Island.

The Game runs very good on mid-end phones, and will definitely run even smoother on high-end phones. I’m very pleasant surprised by the level details of the game and the variety of buildings to choose from.

Game tasks:

– build all kinds of buildings on the Island;
– improve your buildings, repair them and gain profit;
– expand your property by buying new pieces of land and areas of sea;
– create your Island with unique buildings and plants;
– compete with your friends;
– set up your tourism business;
– build the city of your dream and turn your life into a happy story;
– learn all tips of the game receive all possible rewards and win the Grand Prize!

Game features:

– beautiful and detailed graphics;
– extremely addictive and interesting gameplay;
– life on your island goes on even when the game is closed;
– there is a big choice of facilities and constructions, decorations and plants;
– tycoon and SimCity features;
– more advanced, than a regular farm game;
– more than 130 of awards and achievements;
– Internet connection is recommended, but not necessary;
– Ad Free.