A Few Reasons Why Android Is Better Then iOS


Android versus iOS a very debateable/argueable topic to talk about, some say iOS is more virus free then other operating systems, but the real truth is that usually the more success a platform has the more is exploited in finding security holes, developing malware, viruses and so on.



Here are a few reasons why Android is better then the iOS of Apple, from my point of view.

1. Open Source

First  reason why Android is better, because it is an open source project while IOS is not, which opens more doors to developers and manufacturers to implement and change it in any way they, opening the platform to tons of new ideas and innovations.

2. Variaty of Hardware: (tons of phones to choose from)

Second reason is the variety of hardware which android phones has to offer while iphones for real it only gives you choice of internal storage and cover colors to choose from (black or white), plus Android phones are released more frequently (weekly), then the iphones, giving you a better alternative to pick from.

3. Adobe Flash

Another big minus is the Adobe Flash support on the IOS, while Android starting with the Froyo upgrade enjoys the full support of it.

4. Unlimited Multi-Tasking

Recently iOS updated some apps to support multi-tasking but in truth, Android offers a lot more in the multi-tasking area, regarding widgets and applications.

5. Highly Customizable

When it comes to customization, Android outruns IOS by a long shot, letting the user to customize the whole ROM from scratch. Here is the place where custom ROM’s come into play. It gives the user a huge alternative to choose from, based on the smartphone he owns.

6. Developers Active Ground

XDA-Developers is the honeypot of knowledge, gives everyone, tips, tweaks, apps, widgets, custom roms, regarding the Android platform, and its FREE !!

Probably not everyone will agree with my pro’s and con’s regarding Android over iOS, but at the end of the day, you make your own decisions, and find out which is more fit for your needs, myself im a linux geek since the 90’s this figures which is my first choice.


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