ArtofBytes Brings A New Grave Defense The HD Version


I’ve been playing this game, while it was a beta version on the android market. The game itself is a tower defense strategy game and it allows you to use multiple machine guns and cannons with several levels to upgrade to.

The HD version seems to include all the levels from GRave Defense Gold, plus a new larger, beautiful and challenging multi-screen level.


 The story-line follows the harrowing encounters of the Brotherhood of Steel with mutated zombies and formidable boss monsters!

A post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a nuclear war, hordes of zombies hunger for human flesh. But zombies aren’t the only threats you’ll encounter! Face off against some of History’s most notorious baddies, like Dracula and Frankenstein! Obliterate mutant hordes across 20 levels using fire, electricity, lasers and more! Each battlefield is unique: Visit exotic locations like the Amazon Rainforest, the Bermuda Triangle and even an alien space! You must use your limited types of towers, some much more powerful than others, and evolving strategies and tactics to survive! Are you ready to be Humanity’s last, best, and only chance for survival??? Lock and load soldier, and get ready for GRave Defense HD to blow your mind!!!


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