Is Android Safe Enough?


Android has very rapidly progressed with curiousity in 2007, fascination in 2009, and large scale adoption last year. It has many positives as well, the biggest one-its backed up by Google. Its “free and open source ethos make it an OS not only to be considered, but to be praised .

On one hand appreciation is being showered on Android, but on the other, we find out  Android has an estimated 2,600,000 users affected by Malwares or Trojans.



This is ¬†not so new for Google, as last year, there was a similar case with Gmail, in which about 150,000 Gmail accounts were wiped out of their data from Google’s servers. The reason-A backup software update gone awry. Eventhough it affected only 0.5% of Gmail users globally,no one would want to be one of the affected.



In the last few years there has been a rapid up-swing in mobile technology causing a swift change in the way we get mobile content and interact with it, which in-turn brings with it a whole lot of security related problems. In platforms such as Android, some components are built into parts of the OS and require full OS upgrade to patch vulnerabilities. Being a linux based platform makes it possible to tweak lower-level components,but it also highlights possible flaws which can be exploited for profits.

Attack in the past …
Android has not been completely fool-proof of Malware and Trojans.There have been various attacks and exloits for its flaws.
Some of them I have included in the post :-

1) “FAKE PLAYER CODEC“-Poses as a media-player application,but starts sending premium rate text messages.

2) “DROID DREAM“-This is the Superman of all Android malware.A publisher has taken 21 popular free apps from the market, injected root exploits into them and republished.” The really scary part? “50k-200k downloads combined in 4 days.”

3)”MOBSPY.A“-Another android based malware that steals information like incoming,outgoing phone calls,messages and GPS locations.

What now?

As far as security is concerned,Android is still a work in progress.Though open soure was a Bloom for desktop computing it proved to be a curse for Android in terms of security.Hopefully with new Android version releases and various Flavours of android,Google will pull up their socks.


Thanks for reading,

Palash Jain


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