Blackberry Playbook surrenders to Android


Blackberry Playbook designed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) is the latest gadget to set to be “defeated” by Android OS.

RIM Playbook which Runs on a mashup of webOS and the BlackBerry OS.Its a 7″ tablet with 1ghz dual core processor with 1 GB ram.Its not the hardware which is making rumor but RIM is giving an Android Marketplace.

Blackberry hardly has a handfull of apps that run on it.In order to compete with today’s tablet war the company stated that they are providing software that would allow to download and run android apps.Thus finally RIM was overpowered by android.


After conquering RIM,now Android plans to takeover Symbian , Meego , Webos ,Windows Phone , etc. Hope Android wins!
Pranay Jaiswal