Whozzat Application Review


whozzat is  an amazing app which lets you  send free sms to India without any advertisement in your personal message . You can also send international sms by purchasing credits and sending international sms is also very affordable and cost effective


You just need to sign up on www.whozzat.com and you are ready for sending SMS’s

Whozzat’s Free SMS Features
• featured by 470 character SMS allowed
• Group sms or Bulk SMS to your friends and family.
• No ads append in sms
• Check Delivery Report.
• Your own mobile number as sender id
• Live sms collection to send
• chose from billions of sms with many categories like funny SMS, Adult SMS, Wish SMS, Shayary SMS
• Free SMS to India
• International SMS at very low price
• Contacts Synchronization

The only limitation is that you cannot send more than 100 sms’s in a day which i think is more than enough!!

[qr] https://market.android.com/details?id=com.whozzat.android.simpledemo&feature=search_result [/qr]


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