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A lot of buzz is being circulating around the market about a super smartphone and a successor to the  Samsung Galaxy S series.Now our Pocketdroid team got a chance to review the Samsung Galaxy S2.The Samsung Galaxy SII is a uber smart phone with a gigantic1.2 ghz processor. On the first look the phone seems very sleek almost light,the dimesnions are 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm.Its weight is just to be 115 gms.On the basis of its dimensions and the weight it almost takes out the all other smart phones like Sony’s  Xperia ARC,Iphone 4,Lg Optimus S.

Samsung claims that the screen is so bright that its easy to see it in bright sunlight.The claims were true after we used it in sunlight at noon we could easily see everything on screen without any glicthes hats off to samsung for this crispy and fascinating display.After scratching it with our nails or even our coins we were unable to make a minor scratch on screen thanks to the Gorilla glass.Even the Back panel of this uber phone is scratchproof ,the designs on back panel makes its handy to use.

Now talking about the camera this phone has camera is 8.1 mega pixel camera with a flash.Using the flash we were able to take photos even at midnight.One thing that we loved is that it has got full HD1080p video recording capabilities.It also has a front camer for video camera. Apart from other phone having Vga front camara this beauty has 2Mp front camera . Awsome , isn’t it?

This phone has 1.2ghz  Dual-core XMM6260 Processor and Mali 400 GPU  that means the gaming experince would be awesome.

It also has 1024 mb ram that means that the more application woud run on background.Having such great hardware capabilities this phone could run Adobe flash.This means all your Flash sites including Youtube would run on ease.It also has Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass,proximity sensor and latest Google’s Near Field Communication(NFC).For Running such a huge hardware a huge Battery is needed,this is provided by 1650mAh Lithium ion battery.We got the time table of some more than 9 hours on using all features full brightness,wifi,3g both.This phone wont let you down on battery life.

Now talking about the software,Samsung Galaxy  S2 has the latest android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
This beauty also has all the essential apps like calculator,calender etc.It also has samsungs social hub,music hub and games hub.The phone has the best User Interface I have ever seen.Touchwiz 4 runs awesome on this device.Touch wiz has simplified the way we use widgets shortcuts.
More Software games can be installed from Android Marketplace. On playing games like Angry Birds,Pes,Gun Bros,Nfs, Asphalt we feel the Power of 1.2 Ghz processor. Playing NOVA on it is like drean come true.Video player supports Almost all popupar file formats.The Music Player is also awesome.The Popular 5.1 channel sourrund sound from the device is great.Well one thing we dosent like is that it doesnt has 3d in it which its Competiter LG  Optimus has.

Touchwiz 4

Developers have tried rooting  it and developing and overclocking. Compared to other phones this beauty has a great power then all other Smartphones.On doing a quadrant Standard test we were amazed by the result.

For now this is the best phone of the universe,hats off  to Samsung ,for making Samsung Galaxy S2.We hope that you would try to astonish us with Galaxy S 2.

Writter:Pranay Jaiswal
For any qustions or suggestions Email me:pranaygreat@gmail.com,pranay.jswl@yahoo.co.in
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