How to correct Samsung Galaxy 3 terrible hardware Eq settings


Since Samsung released Samsung Galaxy 3 it crippled the audio quality for playback by setting really bad EQ settings. However, this can be corrected by changing them in servicemode application.

Go to ServiceMode by entering *#*#197328640#*#* like a telephone number. or through SG3 Tools and select

[1]TX value
[3]Tx Filter

there you find

[1]Filter 1: {some value}
[7]Filter 7: {some value}

change each of them to 0 by selecting then press menu key and choose key input.

you should end up with

[1]Filter 1: 0x0
[2]Filter 2: 0x0
[3]Filter 3: 0x0
[4]Filter 4: 0x0
[5]Filter 5: 0x0
[6]Filter 6: 0x0
[7]Filter 7: 0x0

Here is a screenshot of how it should look like after you managed to change each filter:

After you finish setting this up, play some music over your headphones and enjoy the best undistorted audio quality. On Samsung Galaxy S after reboot the settings needs to be re-done, but on Samsung Galaxy 3 this settings survive after reboot, so it has to be done just once.

Might work on almost all Samsung devices if not you can go to step 8 and reset the settings to the default as they were before you modified it.

To raise the overall volume a little bit, you can enter “2da8” in all filters !! if you are on a custom rom that has no ServiceModeApp.apk the numbers in dialepad disapear and nothing else happens, if so take ServiceModeApp.apk from here and push it to /system/app/

This EQ Settings doesnt work on DDJP2 Firmware, because Audio Menu is blocked.

To download ServiceModeApp.apk visit this link

Full credit to FadeFX & Supercurio for the SGS version