PocketDroid: Top 10 Must Have Apps On Your Device


PocketDroid Top 10 Must Have Apps On Your Device



1.Autostarts (disables start-up apps that you dont want to load when booting up your phone, because it slows down your boot time and this makes it faster to boot)


2.LauncherPro (one of the best and fast home launcher replacement)


3.Advanced Task Killer (killing apps processes when phone lags a lot, some say its not that good but i use it and it works)


4.Adobe Reader (the best app to read your favorite pdf books, the best reader ive tried there is also Moon+ Reader and Aldiko for various other book formats such as html, epub etc)4.DroidWall (the best IPTables firewall for linux so you wont need no antivirus)


5.Wifi Manager (the best manager for your wifi connections ive come accross)


6.Dolphin Browser (probably the best browser on the market right now and ive tested all (Firefox, Skyfire, Opera etc)


7.Process Manager ( i use it to uninstall apps because it shows even those apps that arent shown in some uninstallers from the market)


8.Mobo Player (the best video player which supports almost all video formats and also supports subtitles)


9.Fancy Widget ( for weather updates showing your time also very customizable and lots of weather and clock skins, i like it better the Beautiful Widgets).


10.PlayerPro (my favorite music player, lots of skins and customizations)