Oppo Releases Color OS For Oppo Find 5

Oppo is really a one-of-a-kind company. It’s one of the rare ones to fully support the development communities for its devices, and it’s definitely the only one to offer several OSes (read: ROMs) for a device. The Find 5 is the current Oppo flagship, thus it benefits from all those privileges that we listed above. […]

Oppo Find 5 Mini to come soon?

Remember Oppo, a mobile maker from Asia that hit us in 2013 with an incredibly cheap high-end device that has a premium built quality (metallic housing) and specs that rival HTC One and the Galaxy S4. Well, just recently has started selling the Oppo Find 5 in Europe, opening its first shopt on the continent […]

Oppo Find 5 Now Available in Europe for a Great Price

The Oppo Find 5 flagship, previously reserved for America and China, has made a debut in Europe. It’s Oppo’s first real take on the big players like Samsung, HTC and Sony, and we think this particular smartphone actually has what it takes to make it noteworthy. The Oppo Find 5 packs a gorgeous 5-inch FullHD […]

OPPO Find 5 gets unveiled – even more beautiful than expected

Last week we did a report on the expected OPPO Find 5. Today, 12 December, OPPO officially unveiled this beautiful thin Android 4.1 device. Earlier pictures already showed the sleek design. The new photos provided by OPPO show the definitive design and some of the details.

Oppo Find 5 Information Leaks on Oppo USA Website

Oppo got in the big business thanks to some of its smartphones, such as Oppo Finder. It’s known that Oppo Find 5, a quad-core Full HD smartphone is already in the works, and it’s only a matter of time until it’s released. Today we have more evidences to support that. We found information about the […]

Oppo Find 5 X909 – Thinnest Quad-Core Smartphone Running Android

Oppo is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that became famous thanks to their smartphone Oppo Find, which was the thinnest smartphone ever. Now it seems like they are developing a new slim-profile smartphone, called Oppo Find 5 X909. It will be the thinnest quad-core smartphone available, at only 6,9 millimeters thick!

Oppo Find 7 announced with 5.5″ Quad HD screen & “50MP” camera

Oppo have really taken the biscuit in the smartphone camera wars, first they had a 13 megapixel, rotating selfie cam on the Oppo N1 and now they’ve lifted the lid on their Oppo Find 7 Android powered phone, which boasts top drawer specs, including, but not limited to a camera which promises to take  50 […]

Oppo Find 7 first official teaser hits the web, Snapdragon 805 & 3GB RAM in tow

Ever since Oppo introduced Oppo Find 5 to the market, the Chinese mobile maker has made an impact on the smartphone segment and they continue to do so. Recently Oppo announced a partenership with CyanogenMod, which will deliver Oppo N1 with dual OS, including a customized CM version. Today, Oppo has officially began teasing its […]

Dual SIM Oppo Find Clover R815 goes on sale in Taiwan

The other day we’ve seen mid-range smartphone Oppo Find Clover R815 leak in a full photo gallery, and now we are hearing that the phone has been launched in Taiwan. Oppo Find Clover is a multimedia oriented device equipped with 2 Dolby Sound Hi-Fi Stereo speakers , comes with a dedicated music player which can be accessed […]

Gionee M5 Plus announced with large battery capacity

Remember the good old days when our phones battery lasted a week? Well, nowadays is exactly the opposite. Batteries last less than a day, mainly because smartphones have large displays with stunning screen resolution that we mostly don’t need, as the naked eye cannot distinguish that many pixels per inch. Furthermore, mobile makers don’t seem to address this issue […]

Oppo Find 9 images quietly shared on Path?

Interesting how a set of images that are allegedly portraying the Oppo Find 9, the Chinese young mobile maker’s flagship smartphone, have been quietly shared on Path network for at least a couple of weeks now, and nobody seems to have noticed it until this morning. On March 20th, Oppo introduced the Find 7 smartphone, which feature […]