Android OS will natively display battery level of Bleutooth connected devices


In an ideal world all Android mobile operating system users would be able to know what is the level of the battery on all of their devices connected to a smartphone or a tablet via Bluetooth.

Some custom ROMs have this feature added, but natively Android OS does not show the level of energy of any of the devices connected through Bluetooth whether we are talking about wireless headphones, hands free, bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth lamps etc.

According to a post at XDA Developers Forums, Google will add this feature to be able to display the battery information from any Bluetooth connected device, which will be available to developers as an API in future iteration of Android (not confirmed if it will be in Android 8.0, 8.1 or later versions), but it is rumoured that Google will implement an option in the BluetoothDevice class called getBatteryLevel() which is supposed to retrieve the battery level of a connected device when called. According to the source code, this will return a value between 0 – 100, or -1 in cases when the Bluetooth is disabled.