Evolio X-fit E-ink Smartwatch Review


Evolio X-fit E-ink Smartwatch Review

Evolio X-fit E-ink Smartwatch Review

The company behind Romanian manufacturer Evolio, Televoice Group, has recently announced its intentions to enter the European market, after 10 years of selling electronics in the country. Some of the gadgets released under the Evolio brand are now listed and available for purchase on Amazon, including the X-Fit smartwatch, which we get to review this week, but not before testing it for a couple of months.

Evolio X-Fit is Televoice Group’s fourth budget-friendly smartwatch and it comes with some interesting features like the large E-ink display, a battery that offers up to 30 days of use before asking for a recharge. Wireless charging is another interesting feature the X-Fit has and it is also water-resistant. 

So, lets get started, and see what other surprising features this smartwach has.


Evolio X-Fit is a sporty-looking smartwatch with simple, yet elegant lines. It is equipped with a 36.4 mm x 70.3 mm monochrome display based on E-Ink technology. The watch is perfect for when you are going out for a run, when you go hiking or you can wear it on a daily basis if you’re not that into formal clothing. Built out of slightly curved but solid plastic material, the watch will sit perfectly on ones wrist, secured by a comfortable rubber band. The casing and the rubber band are sweat and water-resistant (IPX4 certification).

Because it is an E-Ink display the visibility / readability of the text in direct Sun light is great. It even allows to switch from Black to White background, for night-time reading. Featuring E-Ink technology, means it will have low power consumption, hence the long lasting battery.


Weighing in at 45 grams Evolio X-Fit casing measures 50 x 45 x 10 mm, so it is not that bulky on the hand, unless you have small wrists. The watch only has one tactile button placed right under the E-Ink screen, with which you can browse through menus and settings. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, a vibrations based notification system and that is pretty much all the information we have from the manufacturer in regards to the hardware inside this watch.