Galaxy Note 7 Iris scanner seen in action, in leaked photos


Galaxy Note 7 Iris scanner

Samsung Electronics will undoubtedly announce the Galaxy Note 7 phablet on August 2, at event which will be taking place in New York and live streamed to a few other locations: Rio de Janeiro and London.

While there are still two, three weeks before it will actually launch, information about the device itself and images continue to leak on the Internet. This time around we are seeing the Galaxy Note 7 Iris scanner in action, although in still images and not on video.

gnote7 gnote7-2

In one of the stills you can clearly read that for the Galaxy Note 7 Iris scanner to work properly, it requires the owner to hold the device 25-30 centimeters away from the face and carefully positioned both horizontally and vertically, for it to detect owners retina and thus unlock the device.

In terms of specs, the Note 7 will feature 5.8 to 6-inches Super AMOLED display with 2K screen resolution,Snapdragon 821 / Exynos chipset (depending on the market), 4 or maybe 6GB of RAM, 64GB of built-in storage, 12 or 13MP main camera sensor, dust resistant and waterproof coating up to 1.5 meters deep and for at about 30 minutes. A redesigned S Pen is also included with software features that will take advantage of those gorgeous curved edges on both sides of the display.

How do find Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 design and features?