HTC to unveil 2015 flagship phone on March 1st at Mobile World Congress


HTC to unveil 2015 flagship phone on March 1st

With Consumer Electronics Show 2015 out of the way, HTC is looking forward to Mobile World Congress, where the mobile manufacturer is set to unveil its 2015 flagship smartphone – HTC One M9 (codename Hima) or at least that’s what the rumours say its marketing name will be.

The news that HTC will be announcing the next One flagship phone on March 1st at MWC 2015, in Barcelona, comes from Jeff Gordon, Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC Corp. who made the announcement on its personal Twitter account just minutes ago.

Meanwhile, HTC One M8 (2014 flagship phone) owners are treated with Lollipop’s by the taiwanese manufacturer. Android 5.0 software update rolls out as of this week to those who own an unlocked or a developer edition model.


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