Nokia Z Launcher review – Z could be for Zen


Nokia Z Launcher 1

Launchers are a dime a dozen in the Google Play store. There are free launchers and paid launchers from a reasonable price, to an extremely high price. Today, we’re reviewing the Nokia Z Launcher, the app that comes preinstalled on the recently launched Nokia N1 tablet.

Nokia Z Launcher:

Although still in Beta, the Nokia Z Launcher has already had over 100,000 downloads from the Play Store. This shows what weight the Nokia name still pulls, even if they no longer make the most popular phones, or even Android phones.

Nokia Z Launcher 2

Upon first launching the Nokia Z Launcher, you are instructed that to make the launcher work to it’s best, it sends anonymous data to Nokia for processing. This has to be accepted before you can move on. A brief introduction is then given on how do use the launcher. To be honest, it doesn’t take much to work out.

The Nokia Z Launcher is designed to be simple, clean and above all, minimalist. The top of the screen is taken up by a sliding panel with three panes: The time, today’s appointment (if any) and the local weather. Bellow this, you are shown a list of the apps on your device. To find an app, simply draw the first letter of the app on the screen with your thumb. The character recognition of