Google facing new Antitrust probe by EU over Android



The European Union is said to be preparing a new probe over whether Google is promoting its apps and services over its competitors. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, various companies received questionnaires whose content included requesting proof of “any written or unwritten” dealings showing that Google imposed “exclusivity” requirements on mobile-phone makers and network operators. Basically,the EU wants to gather evidence which clearly shows that Google demanded that mobile devices should not be pre-installed with any product or app that competes with its own Android products.

Included in the questionnaire,companies were asked whether they have ever tried to obstruct Google’s “anti-fragmentation agreements,” which require that all of the company’s Android apps are bundled as a single package,and if so, how Google responded.Google has had quite a tough battle in Europe with an earlier probe in its search practice hasn’t reached a settlement as yet. Google a while narrowly avoided what would have been a very costly settlement in the US over whether it unfairly skewed search results and whether it misused patents to thwart competitors in smartphone technology.

Anyone can use Android without Google and anyone can use Google without Android. Since Android’s introduction, greater competition in the smartphone market has given consumers more and better choices. Both the U.S. [Federal Trade Commission] and Korean Fair Trade Commission have examined Google’s agreements around Android in-depth and concluded that there was no cause for legal concerns.

Firms are legally required to fill out the handed questionnaires and face sanctions if they don’t.The deadline is Sept. 12.If after analyzing the data from the questionnaires and evidence of what the commission is purporting to exist the a formal probe will then be fully launched.A Google spokeswoman gave out the following statement concerning the matter.

photo: MSNBC Media