Samsung Galaxy Alpha will feature a 720p display


The Internet has been abuzz about rumours of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. First,rumours were rife about a device under the name Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime / Galaxy F. It apparently would have a mettalic build,a higher end version of the S5 they said, but as weeks progress, Samsung themselves confirmed that there wouldn’t be a higher end version of the Galaxy S5.

Then news about a device called the Samsung Galaxy Alpha,a device among a new line of devices that Samsung isĀ building, started filtering in. It supposedly is built partially with a metallic construction that sports aluminium on the sides,while having faux leather on the back like Galaxy Note 3 and the new Samsung Chromebook series. What is surprising is that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will sport a 720p display, like the one on the S III.

This was confirmed today via Samsung’s own developer console. As you will see in the photo below,the developer console clearly shows that the Galaxy Alpha builds,will feature a 720p display.This goes to show that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will probably not be a high end flagship.Other known features of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha are, a 4.8-inch screen, 32GB of non-expandable storage (yes,no Micro-SD slot). The leak also confirms that the Alpha would sport LTE connectivity.A fingerprint scanner and an aluminium frame are also included in the build.




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