Android L APKs now downloadable (Wallpapers, Keyboard, Fonts)


Android L APKs

Android L APKs now downloadable individually, wallpapers and fonts too.

Google had a little get together on Thursday over in San Francisco, at their annual Google I/O developers conference. One of the things they announced was an update to Android, currently codenamed “Android L”  the new version of the mobile OS has a few new cosmetic changes and also uses a completely new design language called Material Design.

There’s also been improvements regarding battery life, new boot animation, performance, graphics and notifications. Unfortunately if you’re getting excited about installing the latest version to your phone, you’re going to have a long wait as Google aren’t planning on releasing it until this coming Autumn, unless you’re looking to try the Android L Developers Preivew build on a Nexus device.

But don’t worry, luckily there’s various different ways to get Android L onto your device early, the guys over at XDA Developers forum have a handy thread with wallpapers, system dumps, keyboards, APKs and so on. These two threads can be found here and here.


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