Drunken Chicken game review – a great game by beginner developer


Drunken Chicken12When your friend designs and writes a game, and you are the head of a technology blog, there’s an automatic understanding that you will review the game for him. In this case, although true, we would have chosen to review Drunken Chicken anyway, as it is an interesting twist to the miriad of arcade games out there.

Drunken Chicken:

Like all the other “Run” series of games (Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Brave: Temple Run etc), Drunken Chicken features your character – a chicken, believe it or not – shown from a top down view and you have to get as far as you can without hitting obstacles. Where Drunken Chicken differs slightly, however, is that there are no obstacles to jump over or slide under, but obstacles either side of the road.

There is also a story to Drunken Chicken that the others don’t have. Your character is drunk and has been kicked out of the bar. You now have to help him get home safe. As with any inebriated person, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your chicken will sway as he makes his way down the farm track. Obstacles in the form of falling lamps, hay carts, water gushing out of pumps, cats, dogs and all sorts of manor of farm paraphernalia will block your path. You have to guide your character down the path without hitting anything.

Drunken Chicken

If you do hit something, however, It’s not the end of the game. As with any drunken person, Drunken Chicken doesn’t know when it’s time to stop drinking, so as you wonder down the path, you have to pick up liquor bottles to keep your blood-alcohol level up. Whenever you hit an object (or they hit you) your Drunken Chicken sobers up a little. If he sobers up completely, it’s over.