LG G3 Gold shows up in a couple of blurry shots


Some hazy looking images of the soon to be LG G3 Gold have surfaced, showing the phone in a dark gold colour.

Apparently the G3’s main selling point is going to be its camera, we can expect to see a 13 megapixel shooter on the back as well as the OIS+ (optical image stabilization) we saw on the G Pro 2.

LG G3 Gold

G3 Gold

As well as that, some reports suggest that the left hand side of the device has a laser pointer to aid in taking better shots at night, which earlier reports suggested was either an extra LED flash or an IR blaster.

The front camera has some of the software features we saw on the G Pad 8.3 tablet,  such as; saying commands like “cheese” and “chica” will take a selfie for you.

If the photos are genuine then it looks like the G3 is going to have a much smaller bezel than its predecessor and also a bigger Quad HD (2540 x 1440) screen at 5.5 inches. LG have also opted to ditch the rear mounted power/volume keys and it looks like there’s less poly carbonate than last year’s model.

There’s also leaks and rumours suggesting that LG’s Optimus IU has been updated to give a cleaner, more flat look. Under the hood we can expect to see a Snapdragon 801 chip backed up by 3GB of RAM, with 32GB of on-board and also support for more storage via the microSD slot. Keeping the whole thing going is a 3,000 MAh battery.

Are these shots fact or fiction? We’ll find out for sure at LG’s press event on May 27, where the G3 is expected to be revealed.