Dimple, the NFC sticker that adds 4 physical buttons to your device



NFC enabled devices are more common nowadays,with more OEM’s integrating the feature into smartphones,tablets and also smartwatches.Chances are,NFC will continue to be an integral part of tech,seeing as it already has been integrated into payment systems as well.

Dimple.IO is definitely an interesting way to utilize NFC on your device. Dimple.IO is basically a sticker that adds 4 buttons to your device.Capitalizing on the customization factor that we all love android for.You can programme the 4 buttons to perform different individual functions independently.

The Dimple.IO sits anywhere on your device,although it also depends with the make of your device as well.At just 0.5mm, it isn’t big at all. Buttons on the Dimple.IO tag don’t depend on your battery to function,therefore no extra draining of juice on your device.


If you press a button on the Dimple.IO tag,an NFC command is sent to your phone,which is then interpreted by the Dimple app on your phone and the resulting function designated to the button is executed.Dimple.IO promises to launch with Tasker integration for those who really want to get freaky with customization.Developers can also make use of the open plugin SDK provided to add support for their apps.

It could be programmed to open a certain app,used as a camera launcher button,or also to turn on the flashlight on your device. As of now,Dimple.IO isnt available on the market yet.The Company plans to launch an Indiegogo Campaign on May 6th.Dimple will be available at a cost of just $27.Check out the YouTube video below.

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