Moto G Forte announced as an exclusive for Nextel in Mexico


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After getting some pleasing news from UK sales figures, Motorola had a low key launch of the Moto G Forte in Mexico, with the device hitting stores, without so much as a peep out of Motorola on the issue.

The Moto G Forte is practically identical to the device which has revived Motorola’s fortune here in the U.K, the Forte edition has a Moto G grip shell on the back cover, an accessory which is available direct from Motorola for $14.99 (£9).

The Moto G Forte is available on Mexican carrier Nextel and comes with a generous offer of 50GB of Google Drive online storage. The Forte for now, is a Mexican exclusive and we’ve heard no information as of yet to suggest Motorola are going to open it up to the international market.



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