HTC Desire 300 Review – the small, cheap baby of the bunch


HTC Desire 300 Review

When I heard we were going to be reviewing another HTC phone, I couldn’t help be get excited, hoping it would be the baby HTC One. If you remember, the HTC One Max stole my heart when we reviewed it last year, and I made the bold claim that I would happily buy it as my next phone. Instead of an HTC One Mini, were were sent the baby of HTC’s line. This is the HTC Desire 300 review.

HTC Desire 300 review:

Launched in December 2013, the HTC Desire 300 was made as a cheaper alternative to the Flagship HTC One range. What’s clear, is that the Desire 300 takes styling tips from the Flagship. When first looking at it, you notice the large speaker at the top of the phone above the highlighted badge of the Taiwanese maker.

HTC Desire 300 Review

Despite being at the cheaper end of the scale of HTC phones, they haven’t given up on style. The clean lines, minimalist look and small design make for an attractive look. The front is one piece of glass, unbroken by physical buttons (relying instead on soft buttons for back and home). The top of the front is capped by a plastic earpiece where the camera sits too, accented by a slim silver ring.