BoomBrick Bluetooth Speaker Review



BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you’re the kind of person, who’s constantly on the go, or you spend a lot of time in different rooms in your home and want to be able to listen to your jams, but the idea of constantly unplugging and plugging back in a stereo or other hefty music playing device just isn’t plausible; well then, it sounds like a Bluetooth wireless speaker could be what you’re looking for.

Bluetooth speakers are great editions to the home, especially if you’re not an Apple fanboy and have various iPod/iPhone docks, Bluetooth speakers work with basically all variations of smartphones (Android, Blackberry and iPhone too) there will be the odd exception to the rule so, make sure you check your device is compatible before you go out and purchase a Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices ranging from the ludicrously expensive, to the incredibly reasonable, usually with audio quality increasing and decreasing along with the price but, there are exceptions to that rule and today I’m talking about a one that manages to get the balance of price and quality just right.

The BoomBrick, is sold in the UK by tech accessory site and is a fantastic and portable device, I used one for just over a week and was on the whole definitely impressed and would recommend, I’m going to break down that experience for you into the core areas where it impressed.



First up is how portable this thing is, it’s incredibly light weight and also at a size where it could fit nicely in any room and you would hardly notice it. I regularly transferred the BoomBrick from room to room very easily. The BoomBrick doesn’t need to be plugged in in order for it to play, inside it has a lithium-ion battery, so you don’t have to always have it positioned near a plug socket, you can have it bringing the noise from any location within the room as long as you remember to charge it.

Portability rating: 5/5



Battery goes hand in hand with how portable something is, it could be the most compact and light speaker in the world but if the battery only lasts a few hours before it needs plugging back in it reduces the portability massively.  When I first opened the BoomBrick I decided to let it charge for around 20 minutes as it only came half charged, after the battery percentage was at 100% I then used it for well over a week and still didn’t need to charge it, I used it for around an hour each day on average and the battery indicator tells me it’s just under half charged, the BoomBrick is quoted at having 8 hours battery life but I think it could last for between 10-12 hours comfortably.

Battery rating: 5/5


This is obviously the most important area as it’s the primary focus of any speaker and the BoomBox definitely didn’t disappoint, you can listen for yourself on the video test I did of the sound, but obviously you need to hear it for yours