Moto G Google Play Edition goes on sale from $179


Moto G Google Play Edition

Google have just released the Moto G Google Play Edition. Remember my review from last year, when I said that the Moto G was one of the best 4 inch phones I reviewed last year.

Moto G Google Play Edition:

Currently, the handset is only available in the US Google Play Store priced at $179 for the 8GB version and $199 for the 16GB version. There is no news as to when (and if) this will be extendend to other countries. However, as this article in the XDA Forum states, there is no need to curse if you just got your Motorola Moto G.  Anything that is in the Moto G Google Play Edition that you want in your Motorola branded Moto G, will most likely be ported soon after release. The same goes for the opposite direction. The article also points out that if you get the Moto G Google Play Edition, it’s possible you could miss out on the Bionic and Davlik optimisations of the Motorola branded device. Yet again, though, XDA have you covered with a how to and all the correct libraries you need. If you have no idea what that all meant, then it doesn’t matter.

“What if I live outside the US?”:

Well, don’t forget that the Moto G is still available for sale either direct from Amazon at the great price from £129.99 ($213.75/€156.25) for the 8GB version and £159.99 ($263/€192.32) for the 16GB, or free on contract from your local network. In my review last year, I noted how unbloated the Moto G was. Unlike many phones, the Moto G only had a handful of pre-installed software from Motorola, both of which were very helpful and far from bloatware. So unless you have your heart set on a Moto G Google Play Edition (and can wait), I wouldn’t be too disapointed it’s US only at the moment. The Moto G is very nice indeed. Don’t forget that the Moto X was just launched in London yesterday. We hope to have a review unit soon. See all the pictures from the launch here.