Motorola drops Moto X price to $399. Available from all carriers without contract


Motorola drops Moto X price

Motorola drops Moto X price from the first day of 2014. That’s a big surprise for Moto fans.

Motorola starts the new year with a bang by dropping Moto X without contract price to $399, and you can get it now from any carrier. In addition, you can customize it the way you want using Moto Maker customization tool and thats not all, you’ll get to enjoy the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat because it is already available through Motorola servers.

A week ahead Christmas holidays, Motorola released the wooden Moto X model (Bamboo made housing).

Also, on January 9th, Motorola and Verizon will be offering the budget-friendly Moto G for as low as $100 without contract. You can check our Moto G review if you still have questions that needs answers.

Update: Moto X Developer Edition price also dropped to $450 by Motorola.



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