Snapchat App Review


snapchat bannerSnapchat is a very popular instant messaging app that lets you communicate with people you know in a completely different way than any other IM app there is. With so many strengths and so little weaknesses it’s no wonder it’s been such a hit among the masses.

Snapchat is, again, not your ordinary IM app. That’s because it is based on a unique system of sending and receiving photos and videos. Yes, you read it right, this app is all about exchanging personal moments through pictures and short videos, and that’s about the only particular concept the developers had in mind.

The special thing about it is that, well, it just works. Simply, but effectively. To take a snap you just need to open the app and automatically, a custom camera appears. A photo is taken by just tapping the shutter key, while holding it triggers the video recorder on.

Screenshot_2013-12-24-22-24-22The custom camera interface is very neatly organized

After a photo/video is taken, the app prompts you to add a caption, which is not by any means necessary. There is also a little stopwatch button in the bottom left corner, which sets a time after which the picture disappears. That way the recipients have little time seeing it, which makes it a tad more special and more importantly, makes room for many more other ones.

Screenshot_2013-12-24-22-24-31Users can choose whether to add a caption or not and set a timer after which the pic disappears

Exploring the app, you will find the main screen with all the pending messages and the contacts list. It’s very easy to view a message: just tap and hold on the sender’s name and it will be shown almost immediately. There’s not much to it, seriously.

Screenshot_2013-12-24-22-26-00The whole UI makes use of Google’s Holo design language, so navigation is easy and fluent

To add friends in Snapchat, just search them by their phone numbers and the app will check for you whether they already use Snapchat or not. If they do so, they will be automatically added to your contacts list, but if not, they will receive a simple invitation to register for an account, if you choose so.