Themer App Review


Themer App Review

There is no shortage of launchers on the Google Play store. They range from the extravagant (like Next Launcher 3D) to the free and cheerful (like Atom Launcher. None is quite so adaptive, however, as my current launcher in this Themer App review – the app that lets you change your launcher as often as your socks

Themer App Review:

Themer works on the basis that you can change the design and feel of your launcher on a daily basis. If you fancy styling your phone to go with your mood or activity, then Themer is definitely the app for you. The app has hundreds of designs to choose from ranging from the simple and minimalist to the in-depth and dramatic. You can go from being work like and conservative at work, to letting your wild side out on your down time.

There are several different types of style offered in Themer. You can have everything set out in smart folders, or go for information overload by having your own RSS feeds displayed right on the screen.

Themer App with RSS widget

Most design comes with at least two pages as standard. The default (or number 1) page will show you the very basic of information you’d want to know at a glance: number of missed calls, number of missed texts, number emails and the date, time and weather. The second page will either contain a row of folders for you to place your apps in, or a widget to show you your RSS feed (or maybe even both). If you like one design which doesn’t have folders, you can add more pages to add folders, widgets and other apps to launch should you wish.


As for the Themer App themes themselves, there are a wide variety to choose from ranging from Film and TV based ones (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Star Trek make an appearance), Nature based ones (with pictures or woodland, mountains or lakes to choose from) to popular culture (such as comics, cars and Abstract).

Themer App Theme choice

Themes are added on a weekly basis, and Themer’s parent company,, allows anyone to develop a theme for the app and make it available through the app. At this time, they are all free to download and try. The app is still in Beta, so it’s unclear if this will change in the future, but I don’t think so, purely because that doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the app.


Themer App also allows you to use widgets from other apps such as Zooper Widget (made by the same company) and of course you can still access any other app and/or widget on your device; you’re not restricted to the ones that ship with Themer App. The same goes for the wallpaper. If you are particularly attached to one of your own wallpapers, you can override the ones given to you by Themer App and choose your own wallpaper or photo.

Themer App options

In the themes which come with an RSS feed, you can also choose your own feeds, rather the ones preloaded, or even import your Feedly list to read straight from the desktop screen.