Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand Review

Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand
Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand

Our very kind friends at have sent us another product to review. This is another Bluetooth speaker like the SoundWave I reviewed several months ago. When I saw a picture of it, I thought that the size wouldn’t compare to the depth of sound which came from the SoundWave. I was wrong…

Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker:

The Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker comes in a tiny box, which almost disappoints. Inside the box is the speaker, instructions and a Mini USB cable. The outer rubber casing and suction cup is a clever design which allows you to stick the speaker on any smooth surface: Glass, table top, back of a phone, back of a laptop, and even the back of a Google Nexus 7 (2012 version) making it a cool and useful accessory for the tablet, which has a slightly rubberised and dimpled surface for grip. This allows you to sand the device in either a landscape or portrait mode and watch a film without having to hold it, or use the device speakers. In fact, you’ll find yourself trying all sorts of surfaces to stick the speaker to, it’s quite addictive. I even found I could walk around with it sucked on to my forehead. Whilst this is not advised outside, if you want to listen to music whilst doing housework and not loosing volume of a speaker stuck in one room, The Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker is ideal.

Sound Quality:

Don’t let this small size fool you into thinking that the sound will be all tinny, with no depth or base. When turning it on, the speaker will give a beep to let you know that it’s has switched on (as well as flashing a blue light on the base in quick repetition). This is the first clue as to what quality speaker it is. I was most impressed at how well it blasted out some AC-DC, how well it coped with the undulation tones of Rachmaninov, and the swinging beat of Hugh Laurie in his first album. In fact, I found that the Gum Rock Bluetooth speaker did a great job of reproducing any kind of music in my large library. Even watching a film with sounds as varied and fast-moving as Transformers 3, the Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker coped to such a high standard, my wife thought the sound was coming from the TV.

The box claims that you can link several together to get even better sound, but no where in the instructions does it say how to do this. Whether it’s by a Bluetooth profile or not, I don’t know, but there is nothing in the instructions to suggest how, which is a shame.

Build and design:

At 59mm (2.3 inches) high and ~ 67mm (2.6 inches) wide, it’s not exactly a large speaker (which makes the sound it reproduces all the more impressive). It also only weighs 90g (3.17 ounces), so it’s won’t be a bane to carry around. My, in fact, commented that she could easily place it in her hand bag and carry it around with her.

Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker charger and power switch, behind the dust cover
Mini USB and power switch

The rubberised cover will protect from small bumps and falls, as well as allow you to suck it to any flat and smooth surface. The instruction manual says that the Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker is waterproof, thanks to its rubber case (although it does say only the case, not the speaker internals). I’m not sure I’d want to take it in the shower with me, but maybe