YouTube For Android Updated To Version 5.0.21, Here Are Our First Impressions



The official YouTube Android app has received a major update right from the Google labs. Pushing the app version to 5.0.21, the update brings a massive UI overhaul to the scene, a couple of great new intuitive features and some other fixes and enhancements.

The new user interface represents Google’s latest design language and while it does not differ by much from the previous release, it makes a clear point that the developers have been kept busy for quite a while. Videos are now shown in a card-like interface, which reminds us of the other Google-developed apps, primarily Google Now and the official Google+ Android app.

A clean swipe and drag from the leftmost part of the screen shows up the other popular sub-menus, just like in the previous version of the app. However, this time they are clearly hidden from the main menu, thus giving the app a cleaner design. From here, you can browse your uploads, subscriptions, favorites and many other videos and playlists.


Probably the most exciting feature this update brings is the multi-window option, which enables you to simultaneously browse other YouTube content while watching a video. This new addition is not only easy to use, but also very handy and practical. To minimize your current video, just drag it to the lower right corner of the screen and to maximize it again, swipe it up. Drag it left or right to dismiss it completely.


Surprisingly, this multi-window feature does not completely slow down the phone at all. A little bit of sluggishness can be felt at times, but most new phones would probably not suffer from this problem at all.


The video player has also received a needed makeover. It’s now even simpler to watch videos, give them likes or dislikes and comments. The quality of the videos can be also set up in an easier way: just tap the appropriate button on the screen and it will bring up several options for you to choose.


The sharing options are still present, and unsurprisingly, they’ve got even better. Just choose your favorite social network, hit the share button and you’re pretty much done.


Last, but not least, Google has also taken care of updating the app’s icon, although not the most important thing in the world, it’s quite a pleasant thing to see.


To sum it up, we are very pleased with Google’s latest update to its YouTube Android app. Not only it brings a whole UI overhaul, but it also makes video watching on mobile devices even easier than before. Increase in performance can also be felt, and the whole-new multi-window feature is a welcomed addition. Long story short, the best YouTube player on Android has become even better.

Google promises to bring this update to as many devices as possible, but be informed that the update process may take some time given that it will be rolled out in several stages. For the impatient ones, feel free to download it from our link.


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