Google Android Developer site unveils Android 4.3 for a brief moment?


Android 4.3

We know for a while now that Android 4.3 is coming and that will happen very soon, because Sunday Pinchai is about to meet us at a Breakfast event on July 24th.

Yestarday Google might have published on its Google Android Developer website for a brief moment the details about Android 4.3 JellyBean software update, which might be rolled out to some Nexus devices starting July 24th. According to the above screenshot made by a vigilant tipster, Android 4.3 will deliver a much smarter Camera app, a new form of typing, improved Bluetooth protocol, economical WiFi connection (better battery hopefully) and much more.

Android fans get your Nexus devices and yourselves ready for the first “breakfast| with Sunday Pinchai scheduled for Wednesday morning, July 24th.




  1. This looks fake to me, firstly because it’s the same plain text which describes Android 4.2, they just appeared to have altered the version number. Secondly the “Choose your Interface” heading is misaligned, it should never be directly underneath the primary heading judging from the fact that Google clearly labels key points further down the page accompanied by images.

    Check that out: