hTC One Google Edition with Android 4.3 gets certified at Bluetooth SIG ?

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HTC in partnership with Google Inc has announced a HTC One Google Edition not to long ago. The new model is already on the market  via Google Play store for $600. Whats interesting is that a HTC device under design model number PN071xx_Android 4.3_G received certification today from Bluetooth SIG and we know that PN071XX is the model number assigned to the american HTC One which makes us believe that the newly certified and classified as a “mobile phone by Bluetooth SIG website is the HTC One Google Edition with Android 4.3 Jellybean. Another hint would be the letter G used in the end of its model number.

But why would this phone get certified with Android 4.3 when it is already being sold on Google Play store running Android 4.2?



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