HTC One S no longer tested for future upgrades, Android 4.2 out of the question


htc one s update

Another good example how vendors treat their customers after spending big amounts of money on their devices. HTC France has just confirmed that HTC One S update is no longer scheduled for testing purposes, for any future software updates for that matter, which means Android 4.2.2 Jellybean wont be coming to this device.

Here’s the conversation between a HTC customer named Philippe and HTC France on Facebook:

Bonjour Philippe, nous vous informons que le HTC One S n’aura plus accès aux mises à jour pour les versions futures d’Android et de HTC Sense. Nous sommes conscients que cette information en décevra certains mais nos clients peuvent être sûrs que nous avons conçu le One S pour qu’il vous offre une expérience vidéo et audio de qualité maximale. Merci.

Translated with Google Translate tool HTC France statement sounds something like this:

Hello Philippe, we inform you that the HTC One S no longer have access to updates for future versions of Android and HTC Sense. We are aware that this information will disappoint some, but our customers can be confident that we have designed for the One S that offers video and audio experience of the highest quality. Thank you.

So there you have it folks, HTC One S is out, no more software updates for this phone.